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It's Your Time To Be...


Our Approach to Life Coaching

Our goal is to become your strongest advocate, and create a judgment, free and safe space for you, as you move towards empowerment and your fullest potential.
No matter your work/life challenges, hold your head up, dig deep, and take comfort in the fact that the power has always been within you.



It's Your Time To Be...

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I persevered

and you can too.

Donna Hayes has been a senior human resources professional in the financial services industry for almost 30 years.


Additionally, she is an ICF-certified coach and owner of Distinguished Coaching. Miss Hayes is also a SAG - AFTRA actress and cabaret singer. She has been featured on Orange is the New Black (Netflix), Black Girls Rock (BET), Celebrity Ghost Stories (Biography Channel), as well as in several other New York City off-Broadway and television productions. Most recently, she was cast in her first regular role in the TV series Miss Education which is expected to debut on a streaming service soon.


Ms. Hayes is also a lifestyle model, a certified Zumba Instructor and author. Her first memoir, These Broken Roads from Sybilline Press will be released in October 2023.


The formation of Distinguished Coaching was fueled by my intense desire to help others realize their potential, find healing and empowerment, navigate personal struggles and find forgiveness.


It’s Your Time To Be...

Donna Hayes 

Memoir of Donna Hayes

Scammed and Vindicated - One Woman's Story by Donna Hayes

Miss Hayes' memoir from Sibyline Press will be released on October 3, 2023

Interested in a private session?

If you are interested in coaching on any of the following topics:


- Romance Scams

- Financial Fraud

- Abuse

- Bullying

-  Self-limiting beliefs
-   Self -doubt
-   Negative and recurring thought patterns
-   Building confidence and self esteem


Distinguised Coaching

Read What Others Are Saying About Distinguished Coaching

"Donna is an amazing coach. She radiates such powerful light and helps you recognize your own brilliance as a result. She holds the space for you to truly explore and grow into your most authentic, powerful self!"


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