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The Lady In The Chair

As I headed out one morning with the great Luther Vandross crooning in my ears,  I walked past a woman who I see most mornings in a little park in my neighborhood. She is old, feeble and confined to a wheelchair. 

I usually smile or wish her a good day, but that has been our only interaction.


This morning she beckoned to me. I removed my headset, and with a certain amount of awkwardness, bent down to hear what she had to say. With a toothless grin she whispered, “whenever I see you, I know it is going to be a beautiful day.”

I thanked her, wished her a blessed day and continued on with a lump in my throat. I have no idea why she feels that way, but she blessed me and moved me to tears with those words. 

It costs nothing to be kind and the reward can be priceless. 

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